COVID-19, My Life with God

This Odd Season

photo-1459478309853-2c33a60058e7Everyone is struggling in some way.

Some show with more than others. But we are all adjusting.

Be patient with each other. Have a dance party every now and then. Write notes to people. Send a text or talk on the phone. Think about the future, and set some goals.  Make a list of what you’re grateful for.

Think about the basics of what you’re struggling with—isolation, employment, health, finances, childcare. added responsibilities, anxiety—then consider people who might struggle with that new challenge every single day in some way. Find a way to encourage someone in that situation.

Each of us has an opportunity to learn and grow. It doesn’t mean we’ll jump up and down with excitement about the lessons we’ll learn. Just like the many students adjusting to time away from school, we can determine to learn something every day regardless of our setting and situation, or we can float through and let the time pass us. We don’t have to simply endure, we can persevere and grow through. We can be authentic with our experiences and feelings, yet not get stuck in overwhelming tumult. We can simultaneously attend to how others are processing it all and help them take one more step. We can walk through with heightened senses, so we appreciate the beauty of the small things.

God is good.

I am grateful.


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