My Life with God

Your Choice to Share

photo-1579208575657-c595a05383b7I’ve been working through a Bible study lately, and throughout it, a couple people have consistently come to mind.

I want them to hear these things—these truths about God. I want them to sense his presence and purpose. But I also know handing them a book and recommending a study is too much right now. They are hardly getting through the day. Life is a lot.

They do not miss out on these truths because they don’t read a particular sentence or attend church on Sunday. God is more creative and powerful than that. He uses me (and many others) to live his Word and truth. There’s a community —some I know and some I don’t. Even when we don’t know the “what” happening in someone’s life, God uses our willingness to be present and available.

We are faithful not just for ourselves but for those around us. Each of us has responsibility. We each get to choose, and those choices will seep into others’ lives.

What choices are you making for yourself and others today?

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