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Today Counts

Screenshot_2020-02-29-09-41-44I watched a milestone approach. It wasn’t an important one—just for fun.

A coworker from several years ago mentioned how many days in a row she’d looked at Timehop. I hadn’t paid much attention.  But I check Timehop nearly every day. The glance back isn’t so much of a soaking time as a reflection time. It makes me smile at some of the sweet memories. It reminds me how far I’ve come from the tough memories. It connects a truth I have known for years but need a timely prompt to remember and apply.

Some lessons I’ve learned go deeper as I consider them with a more-lived perspective. Some relationship efforts I’ve made strengthen a bond even when relationships have changed.

Screenshot_2020-03-01-08-57-37But on Leap Day—when I expected to see a count of 1000 days on Timehop, I saw an error. Leap Day must have been too confusing. One day later, my count moved forward to 1001 days.

Even though the app couldn’t capture the day, it still counted.

That’s how many of our memories are. We can’t quite capture them. We don’t quite know what they mean. We can’t get the perspective that indicates the significance. Yet we move forward.

I’ve thought about that several times during our current global health crisis. It’s too much for me to fathom. I can’t grasp all the details or knowledge—even the experts are learning as we go. Yet we move forward. What we do each day matters. It affects others and ourselves. It counts, even if it seems like a pause or something we can’t capture with words.

Even in your confusion and uncertainties, know today counts.

It’s not a little Timehop dinosaur that keeps track and says so.

It’s God. And he knows so.


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