My Life with God

A Good Example

photo-1581068466660-e6585b8afa97When I think of being a good example, I want to be encouraging, patient, and compassionate among other things. But through everything, I want to be authentic. I want to live in and by truth. I don’t want to put on the example but as fully as possible embrace it, become it.

I know the key is a humble faith, trusting God. I empty myself, and he fills me. It’s almost as if I’m a cardboard box. Not to be tossed aside but with much value—to be filled with whatever God wants for the day or moment, for the interaction or situation.

It’s what is inside that has value. I get delivered to people so they can enjoy (or learn from) what is inside. I’m a vessel. I get to be one way people experience God. I’m rarely empty, because I’m willing to be filled.

I’ll admit I like to fill myself at times. I struggle to completely empty myself of my comforts, baggage, righteousness. It’s a constant process, but it’s an essential one.

Know the value God has given you. Know the capacity God has given you. Trust him to fill you up and send you on lots of adventurous deliveries.

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