My Life with God

The Yuck Comes First

IMG_8558My pup takes medicine every day. It’s part of her routine. Most days, she quickly gobbles it in its peanut butter flavored pill pocket, probably because she knows she gets to gobble her meal soon after. Other times, she wants nothing to do with the medicine.

She takes it out of my hand then carefully lays it on the ground or by her food bowl. She looks at me as if to say, “Okay, I’m ready to eat.”

I look back at her and point at the pill pocket and remind her it has to be eaten first. Sometimes she’ll pick it up and set it down several times before realizing I’m not going to give her food until the medicine is gone.

She’s never been very picky, and this new behavior just started in recent months. Her health is deteriorating faster than I’d like, and the medicine helps her. The medicine is important. She wouldn’t be able to enjoy her day as much without it. Even if she can’t realize it, I do. So, I continue to prioritize her daily medicine.

I think most of us can relate. We want to bypass the yuck to get to what we want more, even if the yuck helps us. Maybe it’s not medicine but discipline, patience, and focus.

Our priorities impact our days and our lives.

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