My Life with God

One Weekend, Two Days

20200503_153215A few weeks ago, there was a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday followed by a beautiful, cloudy, cool Sunday.

Saturday was gorgeous, perhaps the first weekend day that truly felt like Spring had sprung. In my area, we were still under fairly strict restrictions due to COVID-19, but many people were in their yards and appropriately gathering. The standing water from rains earlier in the week had settled into ditches. Lawns and flower beds were coming to life. The day felt good. I checked many things off my spring to-do list and enjoyed a bit of time with family. I delivered notes and cookies to several people. And I relaxed.

Just as I went to bed late that night, a storm blew through and soaked everything again.

The storm passed overnight, but Sunday morning was overcast. Yet the warmth of the preceding day lingered. I worshiped online and enjoyed “seeing” church family. Then I took a short trip to my mom’s house to deliver a few things. It began to rain as I got closer, and the rain brought a damp chill to the air. Mom and I enjoyed lunch and good conversation at an appropriate distance on the porch. I stayed longer than intended and was surprised by the time when I started the drive home. But it was a good afternoon. I felt restful.

As I drove home, I looked at the sky. What a difference from the previous day. The two weekend days contrasted each other, yet they were also similar. They were beautiful in their own way and provision.

God designed them both. God supplied them both. God filled them both.

Look around and appreciate the day you’ve been given.

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