My Life with God

Little to Notice

photo-1516962080544-eac695c93791I painted my kitchen cabinets. They were white. I painted them…white. And I think they look great.

I know most people wouldn’t notice. They weren’t in horrible shape, but I didn’t have time to paint them before I moved in a year ago. They weren’t a priority, even after I moved, but from time to time, I noticed areas that were worn or scratched. Paint is a relatively cheap tool to brighten and refresh a room, and I like the look and feel of clean.

It was a bit of work for the little noticeable change. I took apart the doors, hinges, and handles. I painted in the evenings and let them dry during night and work hours. I set up a work station in the garage. I cleaned all the hardware, then reassembled everything.
I stood back and appreciated the crispness of it all.

It’s okay no one else will likely notice. It’s okay it took time and attention to details. It was worth the effort.

That’s often the case in our personal growth, too. We don’t need huge, noticeable changes. Many of the changes we make are subtle. We know the benefits of our perseverance. As we yield to the growth process, we become a bit brighter, refreshed on the inside, even if no one notices.

As I painted, I thought of how we are often driven by results, but the process is essential. I reflected on the many lessons God has taught me because I was willing to follow his process even when I wasn’t sure what would result. As I follow him well, he refreshes and brightens me. Even if no one else notices, it’s worth the effort.

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