My Life with God

What Kind of Day?

photo-1487147264018-f937fba0c817I sometimes say, “It’s a good day to have a good day” or “It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day.” But sometimes it’s a not-so-beautiful day to have a beautiful day. Or it’s a not-so-good day to have a good day.

We can find beauty in the chaos. We can find peace in the uncertainties. We can find goodness in the struggles.

We can, but how often do we?

I’m not talking about an unrealistic, optimistic view that distorts a situation to make it palatable. Beauty and goodness are always rooted in truth. We don’t have to make our situation something it is not in order to appreciate pieces of what it is and who it can help us become.

God is purposeful. You will find a beam of sunlight cutting through the darkness. You will find breath even in still, stale air. You will find hope in grief, betrayal, and exhaustion.

It is there, because God is there.

Be present and notice.

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