My Life with God

Mirrored Blessings

photo-1531730194970-f4d4bfd6475dI was fervently praying for a couple people. I had been praying for them for a while, but on this particular day, I was fervent. I felt an urgency. With every prompt, I asked God to give them his presence and the preparation they needed for what was next.

As the day continued, I found an overwhelming sense of God’s presence, and I began to see his preparation leading up to that day and the preparation he was giving me for the coming days.

I was praying on behalf of someone else, yet in the process, he pointed the blessings toward me. I trust he also provided for the others, but I was reminded of his attention and care.

I certainly don’t pray for others to receive something for myself. But there have been so many times I have seen him working in my life through the prayers I have for others. It is almost as if the position of humble prayer is susceptible to listening and receiving.

I thank God and trust him.

2 thoughts on “Mirrored Blessings”

  1. I appreciate so much your daily outreach. There are so many conflicting voices today in the Christian community that having someone I trust to bring me closer to Him is a treasure and a gift I cherish.

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