My Life with God

I Believe

photo-1588776617384-ba314fef9243I believe the Word of God. In my lifetime, I have rejected it, questioned it, studied it, doubted it, explored it, taught it, discussed it, and yielded to it.

I don’t have all the answers, but I trust God does. I don’t understand it all, but I trust God. I don’t blindly believe. I believe with intention, humility, patience.

At least, that is my goal, but my approach has been flawed at times.

For any of us who believe, we need to admit to our flaws. It is to my fellow believers that I challenge:

We must stop Bible-splaining everything.

Do I think the Bible has trustworthy answers, applications, and admonitions? Absolutely. Everything has a connection to the truth of Scripture, but we don’t need to be the connect-the-dotters. Because honestly, all the dots are not simply numbered for us to easily follow. We get it wrong sometimes. Whose to say the order of dots we’ve connected are the same order God connects for others?

I’m not saying we hide truth or withhold sharing and applying truth. That would go directly against Scripture. However, we do not need to apply a Scripture verse to every situation for every person. Sure, that’s an exaggeration, but when we talk to people who reject Scripture or are confused about Scripture, a specific verse might make sense to us as we would accept and apply it, but it doesn’t have the same effect on the person who is resistant or confused.

In our persistence, we are doing some damage. I don’t think that’s typically our intention. Hopefully. Yet that’s how we’re often received. The light we share can be harsh, and a natural reaction for some is to turn away. That’s not our intent.

So, what are we to do? After all, we can’t hide truth’s light, nor do we want to.

We can be well-prepared, and that requires a quiet, self-disciplined perseverance. We can be humble, which means we listen and gauge what’s happening in the person’s life and what they might be most in need of or receptive to in the specific moment of time. Have you ever notice how often Jesus asked questions instead of giving a sermon, especially as he interacted with individuals? I think it was an intentional and productive approach. He’s a reliable example to follow.

Instead of the connect-the-dotters, let’s simply be a connection. It’s sort of like being one of the dots. We let God determine the timing and context of the connection. We’re simply willing—willing to speak up or willing to quietly serve or willing to patiently walk alongside until invited to speak.

Be willing.

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