Divorce, My Life with God

A Good Day?

photo-1465805139202-a644e217f00eI don’t share with everyone. Sometimes people ask me how my day was and I say, “Good,” because, overall, it was. Sure, I struggled. But my answer is no indication I’m avoiding things. At all. When there is a mess, I sit in it. I sort. I sift. I process. I heal. I reflect. I grow. It all matters. The process matters. I don’t stay in that hard moment longer than is necessary, but staying in it for a time is often essential. How else do we learn, heal, and grow?

My response is rarely evasive. I strive to be authentic. When someone asks about my day, my answer has less to do with my relationship with that person and more to do with my perspective and process. My answer of “good” calls me into check every time I say it because of an interaction I had many years ago that taught me the important of authenticity in relationships.

I know why I sometimes answer “good,” and I know the effort I exert to process through every day to make sure I’m always growing. Some days are more challenging than others—for each of us. Become aware of your answers at the end of the day. Become more invested in the process of dealing with the struggles and triumphs of each day in healthy ways. See the goodness, yet always deal with the not-so-goodness.

Unless you do, you will soon find that day-end answer of “good” is a shaky faccade.

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