My Life with God

The Strawberry Share

photo-1557616284-98bd90729b50I didn’t have plans for the evening, and I was unsettled about it. I enjoy quiet evenings, so I wasn’t sure why I was unsettled. I decided to do something about it.

I had picked up fresh strawberries earlier in the day, so I decided to share. I carefully filled containers, sent a few texts, and began my drop offs. The first was a neighbor who is giving to so many around him. Another quick drop off before delivering to someone who lives by herself, so we talked through the door for a while. Then on to a friend’s house, where my quiet drop off was interrupted by her two daughters bursting through the door to ask me to weigh in on a discussion they’d been having with their mom.

When I headed home, I knew why I had felt unsettled. I needed the prompt to serve and connect.

It’s good to give. It’s good to serve. It’s good to connect.

Find a way to do all three today.

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