My Life with God

The Pursuit of Faith

photo-1582004228576-14e8b1256618Faith chases fear.

We sometimes think it is about the balance of both faith and fear, as if we need a little bit more faith than fear. If fear edges upward, we need to build our faith to outweigh it. It’s like a scale that sits in one place and simply responds to the little bit that gets added to one side or the other.

But the relationship between fear and faith is not one of weights and balances. It is more active than that. Faith is a pursuit, not something we accumulate. It grows, but it’s also pruned. We cultivate it, and we ignore it. It sprouts and spreads, and it withers. It’s a process.

Faith is a pursuit. It is a chasing.

We can let fear chase our faith, or we can let faith do what it does well when it’s healthy.  It pursues and builds on the best and consumes the worst.

It might feel as if fear chases my faith at times, but I know it’s just a distortion. My faith stands firm and looks fear in the eyes and says, “No more.”

Correction: My God stands firm and looks fear in the eyes and says, “No more!”

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