My Life with God


photo-1506797352304-c571d2604617Stillness comes in many forms.

We might think it is the absence of activity. That’s what we especially want it to be when our lives are hectic. At other times, the absence of activity equals boredom to us.

Stillness can be the withdrawal from activity. It can be a physical retreat. And it can also happen in the middle of chaos. We can still our minds. We can remind ourselves of who God is and how central he is to who we are. We can retreat into him.

Our retreat from activity means little if we don’t retreat into God. In our attempt to become still, we sometimes retreat from God as well as anything else we find routine in our lives. We want to get away, but we need to get away from the right things at the right time. And we need to step into the right things at the right times.

Stillness is most complete and impactful when we are still with God. We find stillness with God in the quiet morning and the dark night. We find stillness with God in the overwhelming demands of life as we trust him to sort and prioritize the day. We find stillness when we take a step forward with God in a difficult confrontation or conversation. We find stillness as we trust God with a troubling relationship. Stillness is peace despite the circumstance. Sometimes we enjoy quiet with our stillness; more often we find reassurance in the midst of turmoil and confusion.

Stillness doesn’t happen because you clear the calendar. Stillness happens because you intentionally pursue it. It’s a process, not a point in time. It’s a continual choice, not a condition.

Seek stillness today.



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