My Life with God

On Your Side

photo-1532568970638-1c28d870b06dIf the Bible always seems to side with you, you’re reading it wrong.

If you can always find a Bible verse to support your point, you’re sharing it wrong.

If you can always find a Bible verse to rationalize your choice, you’re living it wrong.

I know those claims might seem harsh, but I’m tired of Christians who think they completely know the Bible, understand it, and apply it correctly in every situation and issue.

To know and understand the Bible completely is to know and understand God completely, and that’s not possible in this life.

We need to be more humble and quit claiming to be the experts. I think it’s okay to be confident in God’s character and Word but only when that confidence is checked with humility. We need to leave the door cracked to the possibility that we can learn more, whether we’re listening to someone who has studied, read, and lived more, or we are chatting with someone who doesn’t believe what we believe but has excellent doubts and questions we need to wander through and wrestle with. We need to speak truth but not as know-it-all experts. We need to speak truth with compassion and patience. We need to be doers of truth not bullhorns of truth.

Can we be better?

We must. If we’re truly seeking God and trying to understand and live out the words of the Bible, we can’t do any less.

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