My Life with God

Blooming Smiles

blog sunflowers DellaIt was a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

I knew just where to put it.

My daughter sent it in the middle of a tough day. It didn’t fix it all, but it made me smile—not just that day but the dozens of times I noticed it the next couple weeks.

It’s funny how the smallest splash of color can do that—bloom a smile. Perhaps it’s because it’s a reminder someone cares. Perhaps it’s seeing the beautiful detail of growth that’s possible. Perhaps it’s the “welcome home” feel.

Whatever it is, it’s worth sharing. I know a photo doesn’t have the same effect, but I challenge you to help bloom a smile in someone’s life today. Perhaps you can pick a bouquet and drop it off to a friend. Perhaps you can share a sweet treat. Maybe it’s an hour of your time to listen and chat or a simple text to encourage someone.

Make the effort. As you bloom a smile in someone else’s life, you’ll likely find your own smile blooming.

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