My Life with God

Not Really Know-It-Alls

This image popped up in my Timehop. It made me smile years ago, and it still makes me smile.

Moms don’t know everything. At least, I certainly don’t! My girls know me well enough to be able to attest to it. But a lot of moms—whether it’s your actual mom or a mom-figure who invests in and influences your life—have some sound advice to share, especially when they don’t present as know-it-alls.

Moms or otherwise, those who seem to know so much—in my experience—are often the ones who know they don’t know it all. They’re people who have tried to learn through their experiences, because they want to grow. They want to learn from people they trust. They want to be better.

And they’re willing to pass along what they’ve learned and help others explore answers and possibilities. They don’t simply pass along what they’ve heard but what they’ve tried (and failed and tried again). They won’t give you the Google answer. In fact, they often won’t give you any quick answer (except when the situation is time-sensitive) because they know your learning process is too important to rush.

Lessons stick when learned over time. Lessons stick when learned alongside people we trust.

Be one of those people for others. And lean into others you can trust. Keep learning. Keep teaching.

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