My Life with God

Deal with It

We need to take care of business along the way, so it doesn’t build up. We can face some things that seem minute, but those tiny specks can grow. We might seem to work through things, but we leave remnants—sometimes because we’re careless and other times because we want to hold onto a bit of jealousy or bitterness “just in case” we need it. Then we conveniently pull those specks back out when we need some ammunition; although sometimes those specks have grown into some pretty heavy and lethal stuff, doing damage to ourselves and others.

We want to hang onto the ammunition that will be convenient to us; we want others to let go of the ammunition that can harm us.

Of course, we can’t deal with everything in our past as it happened. Sometimes we’re just not in that place at the time. We don’t have the maturity to deal with it well or the insight to know we need to deal with it at all. But ignoring it, swallowing it, or presenting it in ways that are untruthful to ourselves and others does deep damage to ourselves and our relationships—not just the ones we think are directly affected but the ones we continue to build on a weakening foundation.

When we don’t deal with the remnants with humility, honesty, and accountability, mold grows. When we block the revealing light of truth, that mold gets stinky.

Deal with your stuff well today.

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