My Life with God

A Season’s Specifics

There’s no question this time of the year is among my very favorite. Fall snuck up on me this year. But when that crisp air settled in and I began to see farmers in the field, I took a deep breath. There’s a lot missing this year. The rhythm is different. Schools, families, and communities are adjusting to different routines. The changes spurred by enduring a pandemic seem annoying and stressful to many. I mostly hear about the negatives, often expressed with accusations and anger. But there are some bright spots if we’re willing to look.

  • Many of us have tightened our circles. We want to limit our in-person contact in order to stay aware of the exposure we might have and protect others. While the downside of the process is missing some people, we have the opportunity to invest deeply in a few. Sometimes that also involves facing and resolving some issues.
  • Even though we might not have as much in person contact with wide circles, we can reach out in creative ways. Technology allows it, as well as the less-used practice of handwritten notes.
  • Some of the unnecessary extras and bad habits in our lives have been exposed. That allows us to reconsider some choices and make changes that help us grow.

As the leaves and landscape change, just as they do every year, I’m reminded of the reliability of seasons. We can notice what we’re missing and the inconveniences of life through this unusual season, or we can find the opportunities unique through this unusual season. Refusing to see either the inconveniences or the opportunities limits us. Think creatively today and do something this season invites.

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