My Life with God

Providing For and Through

I asked a family to come by and help with a backyard project. I wasn’t sure when they’d show up, but they arrived on a late Sunday afternoon. I was in the middle of a couple other projects but checked in with them every now and then. Of course, I made cookies and delivered a few warm ones fresh out of the oven as well as packed containers to go. They were more thorough with the project than I would have been, which didn’t surprise me. One of them fixed a hinge on my fence without my asking, which also didn’t surprise me.

They came back a week or so later to pick up a dog pen I no longer needed but they could use. It was heavy, and the first plan to lighten the load didn’t work, so we quickly gathered a few people from the neighborhood and worked together. I didn’t have time to make more fresh cookies, but it was still a sweet time together. We wrapped up as the breeze picked up and the sky darkened.

Good friends are a blessing. We encourage and serve each other. We show up. We share. We give…and receive. After they left, I sat for a few minutes and thought about the seasons of our friendship, how it started and the ebb and flow over the years. I sat in gratitude and steeped in God’s provision.

He is providing for you today, and he is providing through you. Reach and give. Reach and receive. Encourage, serve, show up, and share.

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