My Life with God

Worth the Pause

Sometimes something that could derail me, planting a root of bitterness or anger, has the opposite effect. It makes me resolute to trust God and his truth. It’s not a stubbornness as some would declare. Resoluteness is less about me and more about God. It is more of a focus on him instead of spinning in my own will and distractions. It is not an oversimplified way of thinking, even ignorance, as some might accuse. Faith is not an easy choice as if sliding into comfortable house slippers but is more of a buckling and tying up of work boots that are built for protection and perseverance. But they sure get worn along the way.

When something happens today that jolts you, because you stray too far, take inventory. Determine where you are, where you want to be, and what  you need to do in the next few minutes to point in that direction.

Discernment is worth the pause.

4 thoughts on “Worth the Pause”

  1. So true. Wednesday was a particularly challenging day at work. Many things distressed us all. I had to take a long walk, which then made my already inflamed hip not very happy.


  2. And I hit enter too soon. This morning I awoke up with hives from the medication I started 10 days ago for said hip inflammation. I had to take Benadryl and go to doctor for a steroid injection. So due to the effects of both of those I had to cancel afternoon plans. I whined to God: “am I not supposed to do anything FUN anymore?!?”
    So it’s been a quiet afternoon at home with the pets. Guess God pushed the pause button for me. Lol


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