My Life with God

Wasted Time

You’ve been given this time. Don’t waste it.

I had a block of time that wasn’t pressured by a schedule or a list. I found myself meandering. I wasn’t doing anything important. I was literally wasting time.

I’m not talking about busyness. We need intentional rest. It’s definitely not a waste of time. We need to relax…and keep in mind relaxing isn’t always being lazy any more than it is idleness. Sometimes, relaxing is positioned in the middle of activity.

I needed to snap out of it and refocus. Whether I determined rest or something on my to do list was best, I needed to be intentional about my next step. I needed to value the time in front of me.

You don’t have to plan every minute of your day. There should always be flexibility and patience. But let’s be purposeful. We only have so much time today, this year, this life.

The Scripture verse stating “for such a time as this” focuses on a position of purpose. It’s important to realize our purpose is so much more than a precipice or plateau. Purpose permeates our lives—the moments we see as big and those that seem a bit more minute. Purpose pulls together the time, relationships, and circumstances of our lives.

When we do life well, we journey with purpose—and we appreciate the time we have.

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