My Life with God

The Root of Prayers

From where do our prayers come? I’m not asking about motivation as much as roots, the source, what prompts our prayers at the most core level. Do we have any roots of selfishness? Misconceptions? Do we have roots of humility and anticipation? Maybe we could get to the root by asking a direct question about our relationship with God, because our prayers are rooted in our relationship with him.

It seems like a “duh” statement, but if we steep it in long enough, we might discover some things about our relationship with him as well as our prayers. I mean, if we’re praying to God, it’s all about him, right? But is it? How firmly rooted is that relationship? What do our prayers say about the priorities driven by that relationship? What does it say about our trust in him? If we’re praying to God, we obviously have some faith. But do we live faith, pray faith?

We need to be intentional in our relationship with God, and the journey never stops. We need an ongoing humility that invites a willingness to grow. Our prayer grows from our relationship with God. So much of our lives grows out of our relationship with God. What a challenge. What a blessing.

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