My Life with God

Sit in the Pause

My daughter and I hosted an online book party to help one of my best friends build a library for her little. She has waited a long time to become a mama. We live states apart, and her family and friends span every time zone in the country. Organization took a bit of creativity, but I was excited as the time approached.

If you’ve ever joined a Facebook party, it can be a bit hectic. Of course, people could order books any time. There was a wishlist, and books could be shipped directly to the new mama. But it was also fun to be online with everyone else. Some people sat back and catch up with the conversation after the party ended. I was trying to connect and answer questions even though my daughter took care of the majority of it.

About halfway through the party, I paused. I soon found myself crying, and I posted,

I am frantically trying to keep up with everyone, but I just sat back and took a breath to savor this moment. Ya’ll, can you even believe what we’re doing together? We are building ________’s little girl’s library! She is a mama!!!!!!

The party was weeks ago, and I tear up remembering that moment. It was an important time to pause. I could have pushed through and just got it done, posting and answering and helping, but it was a lot, and I needed to breathe and let the emotion catch up. I needed to sit in the reality of what we were doing. We were celebrating. We were coming together from many facets of my friend’s life to basically say, “We love you, girl. Thank you, God.”

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the process of our to do lists. We need to push through our schedules, because if we pause, we might get stuck or overwhelmed or distracted. But if we don’t pause, we might miss the moment to appreciate what’s happening around us.

Sit in the pause today.

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