My Life with God

Delayed Ahead of Schedule

I was running later than intended. I had hoped to arrive at my destination by 10 p.m. I left home in time, but I visited with family on the way a little longer than expected. That didn’t add too much time, but I then came upon backed up traffic. I couldn’t see what was ahead but assumed it was an accident. For many miles, we all moved slowly. I try to be patient when in that situation, because (1) my brief, inconvenient delay is small in comparison to what anyone involved in the accident might be, and (2) there’s nothing I can do to change the pace or situation.

I let people expecting me I’d be later than expected and to settle in for the night. I’d leave a message in our group chat in case someone woke up and wondered if I’d arrived, but I’d see everyone the following day. (As it turned out, half of the people were awake when I arrived.) As I continued to drive, I realized I might be late, but I was earlier than I could have been. There had been a possibility I would have to stay home that night and start the trip the following day.

So, even though delayed, I felt ahead of schedule.

It’s funny how a slight shift in perspective can change my attitude and contentment. And it happens both ways. A slight change might make me more appreciative and settled. Another slight change might prompt me to be more irritable and frustrated. If I don’t pay attention, what I think and feel can veer off course from the reality of the situation.

Consider your perspective today. Your head tilt might affect the way you see what God is providing.

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