Family, gratitude, My Life with God

Wilted Beauty

I got home from travelling and settled in. I suppose I didn’t use my front door for a couple days, but when I did, I realized a small jar of flowers was tucked in the corner of my entryway with a card. The flowers had little beauty left, but I could appreciate what they had been. The card was unsigned, just a handwritten note, “Thanks for all you do.” I had no idea.

I was sorry I had missed the chance to enjoy the flowers more, but I still appreciated the gift, perhaps even more than had I received them in a more timely manner. I appreciated the intention.

Even though I received it not quite in the full bloom of what it was intended, it was beautiful. It was enough. It was abundant. Because it was someone’s thoughtfulness.

We can feel spoiled and expect certain value and standards in the gifts we receive, even the surprises, but it is the humble generosity that reminds us most of God’s abundant goodness.

I would usually return the vase to the giver of flowers, but I don’t know who the giver is. The vase is a small, beautiful reminder of the blessing of friendships, neighbors, and community.

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