Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Answer the Phone

How many times would you estimate you answer the phone in a day?

Let’s widen the circle and throw texts, social media messages, and emails to the count. After all, it’s communicating with someone. You might prefer to rationalize it’s different because you’re not using your voice, but actually, you are. Here are a couple guidelines I try to follow.

  • If I am going to send a text, I respond only in a way I would respond face-to-face. I want the same boundaries of respect. Just because I can’t see the person doesn’t mean I should say something more offensive, less confrontational, or unloving in any way.
  • If I’m going to post something on social media (and not in a private message), I respond only in a way I would step onto my front porch and shout to the world. After all, that’s basically what I’m doing when I post something publicly-accessible. (I suppose I could shout my blog posts from my front porch, but I doubt my neighbors would appreciate it much. There’s no hide or unsubscribe button in my neighborhood.)

What’s your attitude when you answer the phone, send a text, reply to an email, or post on social media? Do your words match your attitude, and do both glorify God? As you talk with people today (in any format), consider how you’re living out the following verses.

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