Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Lock the Door

What doors do you lock regularly? Your house? Car? Office? What about doors you lock occasionally, depending on the situation? What doors do you keep unlocked? And are your reasons for locking or unlocking valid reasons or rationalizations?

What about spiritual doors? What do you lock and refuse to open? Sometimes it might be for good cause. Other times, we might rationalize why we need to close the door for our own protection without leaning into God’s locks that protect as well as the protection he provides as we walk through a wide open door with him. What do we prop open even when God wants us to close it and walk away? Do we pry, block, slam, and shove in our own attempts to control or trust God to guide every action of closing, opening, and locking doors?

It’s wise to use God’s wisdom instead of our own locks, preferences, and routines.

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