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Intentional Prayer: Clean the Cabinet

I’ve been sharing some ideas for everyday prayers, primarily focusing on the relationship between our everyday tasks that can seem menial and our faith journey. But what about the not-so-everyday tasks. How can they remind us to be intentional?

For example, we don’t clean cabinets, drawers, or closets every day, but the areas we access on a regular basis and the mess that accumulates can create problems for us. We can’t locate things as well, we buy things we already have but can’t find, and we don’t get rid of what we don’t use, need, or want. Everyday life overrides the need to take care of some of those occasional tasks, but if we don’t pay attention, the disorganization begins to impact our everyday life.

Something similar happens with our faith. We go through the motions, and many of those motions are good. We can pursue healthy faith in everyday life yet let some messes accumulate. Without attention and intentional effort that requires a sacrifice of time and effort, the messes begin to interfere with everyday life. Instead of waiting until we feel the inconvenience or burden our inattentiveness causes, we can choose intentionality. It’s important in the everyday and in the occasional. What areas of your spiritual life need to be cleaned, purged, and organized soon?

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