My Life with God

Christians In America

I’m sometimes confused with Christians in America despite being among the group. Why do we try to weld the two identities, resulting in projecting what we believe as Christians onto our citizenship expectations or reducing our faith to match what we believe nationalism should be? 

We’re too entitled, and we’re arrogant about it. In one breath, we put others down for not trying hard enough, then we exalt others despite significant character flaws. We apply mercy and grace where we want and do the same with justice. We extend compassion in one breath then spew condemnation with the next. And we call it discernment. We post about asking God to bless us without considering what that process looks like and how he is currently blessing us—and how his future blessings might look much different than we expect. Are we truly trusting him? We point to others who aren’t following him, yet are we following him well? God isn’t concerned with comparisons among us. He wants our humility. He wants our faithfulness. He wants our trust. Are we living out our relationship authentically with him?

We are wrecking our witness. We’re not wrecking God’s witness. He is who he is with or without us. He can reveal himself however and whenever he intends. We think we’re bearing his cross, but we’re not. We are bearing the cross we want to believe is his.


Think about it. And let’s continue to explore this more tomorrow.

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