My Life with God

A Sweet Reminder

As the start of school approached, I thought about the typical routine of preparing for school.

  • Gathering school supplies (one of my favorites!)
  • Sorting through clothes to determine what fits and what’s needed
  • Considering the schedule and figuring out who needs to be where when and how.
  • Adjusting the schedule to make sure enough sleep is happening and everyone can get what needs to be done in their reduced at-home time.
  • Figuring out all the expenses. Back to school is not cheap.
  • Dealing with emotions—excitement, apprehension, anxiety, and more.

So much shifting. It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming, and this year, there were the added supplies, routines, and concerns due to (depending on who you ask and what their perspective is) COVID-19 exposure and masks mandates. I wondered how much of the regular transition was lost in the shuffle. I’m sure the essentials were taken care of but how well were kids allowed to experience the excitement about the start of school? How much were they listened to and encouraged? What were they learning from the adults in and out of their homes before day one of stepping into a classroom? I prayed for many of them, and I wanted to do something tangible and fun to mark the beginning of the next school year of adventures for many of them.

Neighbors and friends had littles who were starting kindergarten and bigs who were starting high school. But I knew one thing they’d probably all enjoy: cookies. So, I baked. 

I bagged them, boxed them, and stamped a note before tying a bow on each one. And each bow was tied with my commitment to pray for the family for the school year. I delivered them to houses in my neighborhood, across town, and into the country. I made another batch a couple nights later. I had a blast. 

The year is filled with many challenges, transitions, and celebrations for every family. Look around and notice people, then invest with small (or big) acts of kindness and plenty of prayer.

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