My Life with God

Skip and Lag

I watched the wrong video for Bible study.

It’s a study three of us are doing at our own paces yet together. We post in a private group along the way, encouraging and challenging each other. We got together to catch up several weeks into the study, and I asked a simple question. One friend responded, “She addressed that in the video. She explained it as…”

Wait? How did I miss that?

To be honest, during the videos, I would turn up the volume and multitask nearby. But I stayed close because I often wanted to jot a note. I didn’t doubt I could miss a sentence or two, but an entire explanation? Well, apparently I could, and apparently I did. And it bothered me a bit.

The next week I clicked on the video for the week, and it sounded familiar. That’s when I realized I had jumped ahead the week before. I hadn’t remember what my friend shared, because I’d listened to a different video. I was both ahead and behind. I looped back to watch the missed video, and I laughed at the part I thought I’d previously missed. I sent both friends a text, just an fyi that perhaps I wasn’t losing my mind after all.

It was a humbling reminder of how I sometimes skip forward—and sometimes lag behind. And when I don’t stay on pace, I miss out or don’t understand. I don’t mean we have to stay on a structured pace to follow a rule. It’s not about a schedule as much as a rhythm. We can speed forward then slow almost to a standstill. But there is a focus and intention to following God. When I posture myself to attend to God, I sense him pressing a fast forward button and hang on. Or I feel a tug to pause. Or I stroll at a more effortless pace. But it’s not my schedule or pace. It’s his.

I’m thankful he is my pacemaker, waymaker, and lifeshaker.

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