My Life with God

Fall Treats

First, it was Little Debbie pumpkins. We couldn’t find them—we, meaning my daughters and I. We hadn’t done an exhaustive search, but early in the season, when Fall displays were popping up, they were not included. A quick online search, and we knew they still existed and were in nearby stores. We’d get them at some point. The next day, I was in a local store for something else, and despite having none the prior day, there they were. I picked up enough to share.

Then, it was Halloween Oreos. Again, they seemed absent from the seasonal displays even as Halloween approached. And one day, I decided I was going to find them for one of my daughters. She said it looked like certain stores had them, and since I’d be in that area, I looked. Between two towns, I looked in four stores that day with no success. My other daughter recommended an alternative. I’m not a big fan of Oreos, but I guess I’m sort of a snob, because I was hesitant. But I have to admit, her alternative was pretty good. Then she found the real deal and sent them to her sister, the same day she bought me one of my favorites: Reeses pumpkins, which I later found out my other daughter had looked for and couldn’t find. I know there’s a supply chain issue, but was that the culprit?

It didn’t really matter. The search and silly chatter about it was the actual treat, at least for me. 

This might be a silly example, but fill in the blank of how you’ve gotten distracted about something lately but got to go through the process alongside others. I don’t take relationships for granted. Whether we are having serious talks, solving important problems, planning celebrations, or going on non-essential treat searches, we get to do it together.

And together is a treat.

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