My Life with God

Into The Dark

We got to our destination at sunset. We settled into the hotel before finding a place to eat. We were in an area spotted with tiny towns surrounded by wooded areas. And in those in-between town stretches, there’s not much light after dark. And dark is dark without light. We could see enough, just not the details. That would have to wait until the next day.

We need light in many situations but not all. We cannot live well without some darkness. It might be inconvenient and uncomfortable. But there is purpose in the darkness. It cycles in our lives, sometimes predictably and sometimes not. In the darkness, there is often just enough light for what we need, even if it is not as much light as we want.

Does the beauty exist even in the darkness?

Yes. The light reveals it. Our hope in the darkness connects us to the beauty of the day. Sometimes we wait a long time for enough light to see beauty once again, but other times, dawn comes soon. And that next day was indeed beautiful.

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