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Dot the Map

I look forward to checking my year end blog stats. It’s not about the numbers as much as the interesting demographics, especially the country map. I know enough about technology to be aware every single one of those numbers doesn’t represent someone personally engaging with the blog. I’ll admit my knee-jerk reaction to some countries is to dismiss any of the visits as real. I jump to the conclusion because many bots are sourced or run through particular countries, why wouldn’t it be the case with my blog stats? But the same thing happens in the countries I know well. And there is always a possibility those numbers I’m dismissing actually represent a real person’s life. Perhaps our paths crossed at some point, or we might be connected through a string of multiple people, or someone finds a post based on suggested reading.

I don’t ever want to dismiss the possibility of reaching someone, encouraging them, and making some sort of connection and difference in their day. And it’s not one way. I want to invite others into my life. I write not simply to pour out but to engage, to share experiences with people who live far from me and share something or people who live close but are different. Every single one of those connections matters. And perhaps that’s why I anticipate seeing the statistics. It’s a reality check of lives in my life, most of whom I don’t realize.

Let’s engage in the coming days, weeks, and months. You are a blessing to me.

2 thoughts on “Dot the Map”

  1. I often share your blog posts with my leadership team (I am a hospital CEO). I find when I am encouraged, I feel compelled to share. You are making an impact with your work. THANK YOU

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