My Life with God

A Word

I haven’t always chosen a word of the year. I don’t like to divide one year from another. But sometimes it’s a way to attend to God’s presence and provision. I hadn’t planned to consider a word or phrase when this year began, but I changed my mind. I didn’t see much of a theme as I answered a few questions, but the word that popped up was loud and clear.


It’s not a word I’d choose for myself, yet it resonates. It’s not only true now but it’s a longing for the future. It keeps me grateful of where I’ve been and anticipatory of what’s next. Because I know—God.

I don’t fulfill my own life. God does. I choose him. He doesn’t give me everything I want. He’s too good for that. He fills the spaces I didn’t know were empty. He empties what doesn’t need to be in my life. But I’m not a passive bystander. I’m a participant. I engage. I seek. I respond. Or at least, I try.

This beginning of this year might not be significantly different than the end of the last year, but your focus and your faith matters—every single day.

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