My Life with God


Would you rather be caught in a lie or caught in the truth?

I think I know what most will say. Few want to be caught in a lie. But it can be equally as disheartening and embarrassing to be caught in the truth when the truth doesn’t match what you’d like it to be. People can say you were mean, disrespectful, dishonest, lazy, etc. But what about when your actions reveal one of those characteristics or behaviors? You’re caught in the truth. We think the truth is always best, and it is in the long run, but how do we respond when faced with it? How do we respond when we are worse than we want to be, when we do something we’ve shamed others for doing, when our façade crumbles?

I don’t want to be caught in either, but I want to do my very best to dwell in truth. Even when I fail, if I let truth expose what needs to change, I can see it, acknowledge it, and invite it to change me.

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