My Life with God

Habit vs. Invitation

I could sense my anxiety slowly rising as several things approached. I did my best to prepare in healthy ways as I considered ongoing communication and upcoming gatherings. But I still felt as if I wasn’t quite getting something. Then I realized my focus was distorted. I wasn’t focused intently enough on Jesus. It’s not as if I was completely leaving him out, but I was responding out of habit. Much of that habit it deeply rooted in him. It has grown from my faith. But my faith can stagnate if I’m not seeking and trusting him with every step. Jesus doesn’t want me to simply check in every now and then. He was to be invited into every step along the way.

I’m glad I adjusted.

And I’m glad he is faithful.

You can trust him with your today. Invite him.

2 thoughts on “Habit vs. Invitation”

  1. Yes. This. I have mentioned (more than once I am sure) my anxiety and distress with my current job. Once again I have interviewed and been turned down—actually twice—for a different position. So now I am looking to him for guidance—do I stay, or do I step out in faith and walk completely away? Time will tell.


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