My Life with God

A Phone Reminder

I couldn’t find my phone.

It couldn’t have gone far. I hadn’t left my room. I was away from home, a little out of my routine, but in a room by myself. I hadn’t heard it drop to the floor. I looked in all the obvious places and thought about messaging someone to call me. (I had my laptop and tablet for messages.) But before I messaged anyone, I realized the only thing I’d really done so far was make the bed. I saw no lumps, but I lifted the pillows and noticed some unevenness.

Yes, I’d made my bed with my phone in it.

I laughed at myself.

I tend to be organized, but I obviously don’t attend to every detail. I can’t. None of us can. And that’s okay. We don’t have complete control or knowledge. Maybe that seems like a jump to connect a misplaced phone with control, but my phone incident was a good reminder. I moved on through the day, appreciative I had my phone but not really reflecting on the blip of the morning.

Each of us gets frustrated at times. We forget an appointment or are running late. We don’t pick up an order in time or leave something off our shopping list. We’re late with birthday wishes. We misplace something important to us. We can’t remember who we loaned a book or tool to when we need to use it. Our blips might help motivate us to be more attentive and responsible, but we can learn other lessons as well—like the lesson to give ourselves a break. Our oversight will have consequences, some more significant than others that impact more than just ourselves, but everyday life has consequences.

This is an invitation to give yourself a break today. I’m not encouraging you to be irresponsible or evasive. Lean into what God has planned for you. And know you will not get it exactly right. He’ll help you deal with the consequences,

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