My Life with God

Always Learning a Little

I’ve listed the variety of jobs I’ve had before, but it stuck with me recently. I sat next to a coworker I didn’t know well at recent business dinner, and I enjoyed getting to know her. We shared some of our stories, and for some reason, the diverse list stuck with me. Every now and then, in the days that followed, I reflected on it. One morning, I woke up early and opened a podcast. I don’t listen to podcasts much, but this one stood out, and it struck a cord.

I am so thankful I’m able and willing to learn. I don’t know a lot, and I can’t learn it all, but I have definitely been stretched through the years, and I’m grateful.

Some people see some fields or knowledge or skills as more and others as less. Some see me as an expert in some things and an idiot in others, then others see me as an expert in the idiot things and an idiot in the expert things. And while what others think is interesting and important in the sense of the dynamics of process and progress, it is God who determines what I need to know and how to use it. Among my various experiences, whether a work position or a life position, there is always purpose in the specific season. Only he knows. Only he determines. And it’s not always what I think it is.

We put so much pressure on people to determine a career and stick with it, to advance to become more. But becoming more isn’t about a place in life. It’s about an everyday attitude. It’s a moment by moment choice to learn and grow.

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