My Life with God

Strength and Serenity

“The strength of your character will bring you serenity.”

I don’t put much stock in fortune cookie predictions or claims, but this one reminded me not of my own strength but the importance of trusting God to create, develop, prune, and use my character. Serenity doesn’t come from what I’m able to do, just as chaos and anxiety don’t come from what I can’t do. Serenity isn’t something I can maneuver as much as something I choose to appreciate and savor. To be honest, serenity is not even the goal. If I focus too much on attaining and keeping serenity, too many other important experiences, urgencies, clues, and opportunities fall away.

Serenity isn’t a requirement for moving forward. Neither is strength. Sometimes we move forward in and through our weaknesses and uncertainties. Sometimes those weaknesses and uncertainties are the very motivations and reality checks we need to seek, trust, and follow God well.

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