My Life with God

Messing Up Motherhood

Motherhood is tough. I taught good housekeeping habits, yet my girls’ rooms still looked like they had been hit by the storm of the century, not to mention a whole colony of trolls could have survived undetected in their closets for years. I taught tangible ways to express thankfulness, yet many “thanks” for presents and kind gestures fell through the cracks. I taught the importance of seeking the presence of God and his wisdom in making decisions, but that practice fell by the wayside—in both small and big ways.

We don’t always get to see the immediate results of our motherhood efforts. We won’t see some of them in our lifetime. Plus, some of the things we thought were of paramount importance aren’t so. God knows what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be downplayed. He knows how to use each situation, whether it needs to be highlighted or downplayed.

As moms, we aren’t big enough to mess up God’s plans.

It’s prideful of us to think we can actually destroy what God has planned. Sure we can create bumps in the road that later require detours, but we can’t derail another person’s life altogether. God’s sovereign plan is much bigger and better than anything we can plan and imagine.

So, why do we carry the weight of our children’s future on our shoulders? What if we relaxed a bit, let ourselves make some mistakes, and in the process, let our children see how we need and fully rely on God for all guidance and provision? We know with our minds God has simply loaned us the children in our care, so why don’t we continually admit and live out that fact with our hearts? After all, as difficult as it is to imagine, God can and does love our children immeasurably more than we do. They are his.

Look at photos of your children—no matter their age—and consider how they resemble their heavenly Father. “Hand them over” to him in a tangible way, such as placing the photos in your Bible or other meaningful place in your home or car.

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