My Life with God


Reboots are essential for the health of your computer and other devices. New software changes and updates often require a reboot. When you have a variety of issues going on, a reboot will frequently help. In fact, reboot is one of the first things to try when there’s an issue. You might not understand why the reboot helped, but you can get on with what you were doing. Refreshing a screen can help at times, but a reboot goes deeper. Some issues don’t even have the option of refreshing. Sometimes your computer is locked up, and you’re not able to do anything without rebooting the computer.

The same is true with you. Your life isn’t as simple as an on/off switch, but you certainly have the opportunity to reboot, and you need to fully embrace it. When you have an overwhelming issue, you need to not get stuck. Don’t be distracted by self-sufficiency, believing you can find the issue and solve it easily. There will be times God leads you to a simple solution, but at other times, you have no idea what to try, and you can spend a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own. God wants you to rely on him. When you do, he can do some things that you might not fully understand, but it works. You have to trust him to work in you.

Call out to God in times of need. Give everything to him, and let him do all the work in the background that you don’t know even exists. Trust him to apply the changes and updates that need to be made. Let him plant his Word in your heart and mind. Let his power, strength and courage become your tools. It rarely takes long, but it’s okay if it does. God’s timing is best every time.

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