My Life with God


You can reclaim some things and cannot reclaim others. In a world of self-sufficiency, being told you can’t do something likely doesn’t sit well with you. Yet no one person can do everything, and there is one thing you cannot do on your own no matter how hard you try. You cannot reclaim yourself.

One of the definitions of reclaim reflects a rescue from an undesirable place or condition. That’s where you will encounter a problem. You cannot get yourself out of a pit. You might not even realize you’re in a pit. You’ve been in it so long that it’s all you know, or you’ve made it so comfortable that you have little or no motivation to leave it. Even if you want to crawl out of the pit, how can you defy gravity to the higher elevation of ground level? It might seem like a despairing situation, but there’s a plan. It’s God’s plan, and all you have to do is let him reclaim you. In fact, he already has. He’s extended his hand into the pit, but you have to reach out to him.

Even if you reached out to God years ago and are unable to recall a time you didn’t have a relationship with him, you likely have areas of your life which you need him to reclaim. You regularly visit a pit, which you thought was not a big deal, because at first, you just played in the ground a bit. Then you dug just a little deeper and a little deeper until you were actually in over your head. Trudging back and forth from that pit is exhausting you.

Perhaps you have a pit someone dug for you. You were thrown in. Or you fell in with no intention. Whatever the reason for the pit, it’s a pit. It’s preventing you from walking on level ground, the ground God intends for you to claim and journey. In order for you to claim what God has planned, you’ll need to trust him to reclaim you first. Today is a good day.

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