My Life with God


Reconnections are more common than you might recognize. When you recharge an electronic device, you reconnect it to a power source. When you start your car, you reconnect the mechanics required for ignition. When you make a phone call, send an email, tweet or post, you reconnect. Of course, some reconnections are personally stronger than others.

When you consider someone you haven’t heard from in a while, you send a quick text or social media DM to say hi. While stringing a few words together and relying on the click of the keyboard to send the message along accurately isn’t the most personal way to reconnect, it does the trick. She responds. The conversation continues back and forth. You want a deeper connection, so you plan a coffee date. You sit across the table, enjoy a warm drink, and catch subtle innuendoes of communication through eye contact, body language, pauses, and more.

What about your reconnections with God? How intentional and personal are you? Perhaps you have such high standards of setting aside significant blocks of intimate time that you forget the casual moments of sharing what’s going on in the middle of a fast-paced, schedule-crushing moment. Or perhaps you’ve become so accustomed with only communicating with God in the quick breath prayers that you’ve rationalized the unimportance of significant time and depth in reconnections. Perhaps you’ve never felt connected in the first place, so to reconnect seems unnecessary or even impossible. God is always available to connect with you. He doesn’t have limited office hours or a packed appointment book. He’ll respond to a short word or long dissertation riddle with questions. Reconnect—or connect—with him in a fresh way today. Expect to hear from him in a fresh way.

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