My Life with God

The Scurrying Creature

The winds howled as the snow fell. We didn’t get as much snow as expected, but it was blowing. The sun was mostly hidden throughout the day, creating a gray, almost blizzard appearance outside. I have two floor to ceiling windows in my office, and I turned to the side just in time to catch movement out of the corner of my eye. Was a mouse running for cover outside?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mouse outside, probably because it’s easier for them to hide. If what I saw would have been a mouse, it would have been a brave (or stupid) one, since the temps were below zero, and the wind chill made it feel much colder. It would be odd for a mouse to not be bedded down already, especially running away from a building instead of close to the edge for protection.

Obviously, it wasn’t a mouse. It was a leaf scurrying in the wind.

It makes me wonder what else I see out of the corner of my eye that I perceive inaccurately. Or what I think in the corners of my mind that is inaccurate. Or what I feel in a fleeting moment that doesn’t truly capture the emotion of the situation. I want to be better about assumptions and take the time to observe and respond well.

3 thoughts on “The Scurrying Creature”

  1. You are not alone in misperception my friend. Yesterday I walked in our neighborhood and thought I saw a squirrel high up in a tree; I could see its tail swinging down and its ears at the top of its nest, or so I thought. When I turned around to walk back home, I relooked at the nest and realized it was shreds of some material that I had seen blowing in the wind; whatever was at the top of the nest wasn’t a squirrel’s head, it was other nest material sticking up. It made me chuckle, and also gave me pause. I just had new lenses put in my glasses, so why was I not seeing things correctly? I have reconciled this by realizing I just needed to look more closely instead of assuming that I had seen a squirrel.

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