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Time to Speak, If Only…

How often the topic of speaking the truth in love comes up!

Obviously, we struggle with it. We wrestle with what God intends, because he instructs us on the responsibility for us to speak up but also to move on from some situations and people. And we use whatever verse we want to apply to a situation in order to rationalize our response.

There’s a better way, and it’s not our way.

Speaking the truth in love—and not splitting any one of the three factors apart—is listening and responding with truth and love. I’ve written repeatedly on the fact we don’t have to agree with someone in order to love them well, to respect them, to respect their process. We think we’re weak Christians if we don’t loudly and clearly declare God’s truth in every situation. But isn’t it more about speaking the truth of who God is? Sometimes that comes with a Bible verse or an example or specific words, but many times it is more about not trying to play the role of God but instead being a vessel for God’s character. We don’t need to determine what God would do. Instead we invite and allow him to work through us.

And it is not easy.

I know, because for many years I tried to figure it out and know the right answers to a variety of questions and topics. I tried to be a quick-reference concordance. As I loosened my grip, I began to realize it is better to constantly yield to him so he shines through in every situation. He uses me as he wants instead of me bearing the burden (and the impossibility) of trying to assess what he wants and what his purpose is in every interaction and situation. The shift in my perspective did absolutely nothing to change who he is, his truth, and how he reveals it. But it changed my posture. It changed my vulnerability. It changed my humility, my mind, and my engagement in every interaction I have.

It changed my perspective of and commitment to speaking the truth in love.

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