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“To Mother” Day

flowersMother is most commonly used as a noun. It’s a name, an identity, a role. But it’s more…and less. The noun isn’t required as much as the verb is. I’ve seen a lot of women mother, some who could technically claim to be a mother and some who couldn’t. Look around and notice the mothering going on around you. Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve noticed. Thank you to those who mother.

To mother is to mourn the loss of the child you were supposed to adopt while consistently praying for him…and the mom who changed her mind.

To mother is to celebrate the life of your child regardless of how long you got to hold her…or even if you never got to hold her.

To mother is to wait and wait and wait, enduring months and years of scrutiny and paperwork, just for the opportunity to adopt.

To mother is to sleep beside a child…or lie awake beside a child…as you make sure tubes, needles, and other medical equipment does its job.

To mother is to say goodbye too soon, knowing a part of your heart will never return, yet trusting God’s purpose in the beautiful life you shared.

To mother is investing in the life of someone who calls someone else “mom” but longs for someone who loves with compassion and discipline.

To mother is to consistently learn about someone as she grows, not keeping her in a stage where she no longer is.

To mother is to question, listen, and speak only when necessary, trusting God to know when each of those moments and situations are.

To mother is to take care of someone, regardless of the age and expectations of the relationship.

To mother is to share…because none of us can do it all, and God never intended it that way.

To mother is to accept you don’t have all the answers. You’re learning and growing right alongside those you are mothering.

Each of us only has one biological mother, but if we’re limiting ourselves to be mothered by only one woman, we’re missing out. And if we’re only mothering those who can biologically claim we are their mothers, we are missing out, as are the people around us.

Celebrate this Mothers Day by mothering. Transform Mothers Day into Mothering Day. Relationships are worth the effort.