My Life with God

Is It Summer? Here’s What You Should Do.

ceceda543aa011e3826c22000aa80387_8We all go through seasons, and they aren’t just seasons in a nature cycle. We have spiritual and emotional seasons, too. Summer is beautiful. It feels as if we are blooming. We can take a deep breath and enjoy, savoring our surroundings.

But spiritual summers don’t last forever. We might want to lazily soak in the warmth and sun, because it feels good, but we need to be intentional about how we spend our summers.

It’s what happens in the spiritual summers in our lives that prepare us for the spiritual winters. When things are dreary, depressing, and overwhelming, when we’re disoriented and dragging, not sure we’ll make it through, it’s difficult to see the sunshine and claim the truth of the situation and truth about God. How we prepare carries us through the tough times. God nourishes and prepares us, not to make us happy to greet the dark days and not to make things easy but to make them bearable.

If we waste our preparation time, we make the difficult times more difficult. When truth is planted firmly in our minds and hearts, we can recall them when everything seems shaken and displaced, even if we can only recall glimpses among the chaos.

God doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of rescue in tough times. He wants to provide for you and reveal Himself to you in every single season and moment of your life.