My Life with God

What Is Success?

following-jesus-2What do we count as success?

Does it require recognition? Marked improvement or position? A new job title or salary range? Marital status? Living location? Number of children? Letters behind our names?

In the context of faith, perhaps it’s the number of times we’ve read the Bible in its entirety, how many studies we’ve completed, how many hours we’ve served, or in what positions we’ve served.

Many of those things aren’t bad in and of themselves, but when they become our main measuring stick of success, we miss out.

What about the opportunities to learn and grow in faith, to honor God? We don’t see such experiences as potential successes often because they’re usually filled with trials, discomfort, and discouragement. We may see them more as failures. But when we respond in ways that reveal our trust in God, when we say, “Well, this isn’t going as I planned, but I’m going to respond with integrity and truth and trust in God,” that’s a success.

What tough opportunities (a.k.a., opportunities for success) are you facing right now?